Restaurants in Jaisalmer

Rooftop Restaurant in Jaisalmer

Restaurants in Jaisalmer

Sonaar Haveli has two restaurants:

Enjoy our rooftop restaurant in Jaisalmer and sunset city views at Chaar Bagh, Sonaar Haveli's elegant Italian and Indian restaurant. Air-conditioned Anaar Bagh is an oasis of calm and the perfect venue to sample our delicious Rajasthani cuisine.

Chaar Bagh

"Chaar Bagh is a Persian style quadrilateral terrace garden divided by flowing water into four smaller parts. Chaar Bagh has custom made crockery especially designed in the Indian parrot theme to enhance its aesthetic beauty."

The roof top restaurant offers traditional Indian cuisine with breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset alongside the Jaisalmer Palace backdrop opposite. One can also enjoy views of the Jaisalmer Fort.

The venue can cater for 32 guests at a time with mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine and Tandoori flavours being prepared in the terrace kitchens. The terrrace restaurant also offers a variety of Continental flavours.

Chaar Bagh is open to non-resident visitors for tea and dinner to watch the sunset.

Anaar Bagh

'Annar Bagh means the garden of pomergranates. At Anaar Bagh we have a pomegranate and pine tree theme through which we aim to provide a desert oasis experience with freshly made Indian and Continental cuisine.’'

For the slightly warmer days, the Anaar Bagh restaurant on the ground floor offers an air-conditioned dining experience with a fine selection of traditional Rajasthani and Indian cuisine as well as continental flavours.

Anaar Bagh is open for lunch and dinner and can house up to 24 guests.

Amal Bagh

'Traditionally, it was customary to offer Amal or Opium to every guest in Jaisalmer. Inspired by this age old practice Amal lounge is created for extreme relaxation.’'

The Amal Bagh offers snacks and tea outside the restaurant hours and provides a cosy venue for a candle lit pre dinner rendevous.